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4th Global Bauxite Conference 2019

Time:2019-06-13 -06-14location:Nanning, Guangxi, China

China imports 4.26 million tonnes of bauxite from Guinea in January 2019

According to China Customs statistics, China's bauxite imported 7.89

million tons in January 2019, second only to 8.02 million tons in January
Imports in December 2018 were 7.24 million tons and imports in January
2018 were 7.03 million tons.
China's bauxite imports from Guinea reached 4.26 million tons in January
2019, an all-time high in the monthly import volume

Depletion of Bauxite Resources in China

The global bauxite belt is mainly distributed in Africa, Oceania, South
America and Southeast Asia. In terms of country distribution, bauxite is
mainly found in Guinea, Australia, Brazil, Jamaica, Viet Nam, Indonesia, of
which Guinea (Reserves 7.4 billion tons), Australia (6.2 billion tons of
reserves) and Brazil (2.6 billion tons of reserves), Jamaica (2 billion tons of
reserves), the reserves of the four countries account for about 28 billion
tons, 65% of total bauxite reserves in the world.
And China is not a country rich in bauxite resources, not only far lower
than Guinea, Australia, Brazil, even in Asia is lower than Vietnam and

China Alumina Production Capacity Growth, Seeking Overseas Bauxite


In the last 10 years, China's aluminum industry has developed rapidly.
Taking the last 5 years as an example, the national alumina production
capacity accounted for 54% of the world's total production capacity,
becoming the world's largest output of alumina country.
For alumina plant, with the increasing consumption of domestic
high-grade bauxite resources, the introduction of new production capacity
of domestic alumina plant is bound to be affected. Especially in the case of
strict environmental supervision and normalization, the supply of bauxite
has become the bottleneck of increased production capacity of domestic
alumina plant.
China produces about 25% of the world's bauxite with less than 3% of the
world's reserves. The static recoverable years are only 14 years, well below
the world's 102-year average. Excavating domestic potential and speeding
up the mastery of overseas bauxite resources has become the primary
issue in the development of the alumina industry.
Purpose of the Conference

The 4th Global Bauxite Summit will focus on the demands of the industrial
chain, build a bridge of communication, explain the development trend of
the global bauxite market, China's import bauxite development potential.
This Event will be an excellent platform for you to find new investment
cooperation opportunities and expand your global business landscape.
We will provide you with cutting-edge information, professional services
and rich resources, join hands to draw a bauxite new map 2019!

By Type

20% Miners from Indonesia and Malaysia
15% Miners from Australia and Indi
10% Miners from Guinea, Turkey, Brazil etc…
15% Traders from China and Overseas
15% Smelters from China
10% End-users from China and Overseas
5% Government, Association and Organization
5% Financial Institution & Law Firm
5% Shipping, Testing & Technology

By Position

20% President/Managing Director/VP
10% CEO/Chief Representative
20% Deputy GM/Director
20% Sales Director/Manager
20% Purchasing Director/Manager
10% Marketing Director/Manager

By Region

30% China
15% Indonesia
10% Malaysia
10% Australia
10% India
10% Japan and Korea
15% Other Countries like Guinea, Turkey, Brazil etc.

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Mr. Ron Knapp, Secretary General, International Aluminium Institute

Mr. Bambang Gatot Ariyono, Director General for Coal and Minerals,Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Republic of Indonesia

Mr. Jinjun Zang, General Manager, PT. Well Harvest Winning AluminaRefinery

Mr. Michael Scott Carl, Advisor, SSEK

Mr. Saikat Sengupta, Principal, Metals and Mining Consulting, WoodMackenzie Ltd

Mr. Bosco Lau, Vice President, Winning International Group

Shankhadeep Mukherjee, Senior Consultant - Steel and Aluminium, CRU,India

Mr. Ben Lepley, Senior Consultant, Resource Geology, SRK Consulting (UK)Limited

Mr. Abdoulaye Magassouba, Minister, Mines and Geology of the Republic ofGuinea

Mr. Miles Prosser, Executive Director, Australian Aluminium Council

Mr. Norman Ting, General Manager Marketing, Asia, Metro Mining Limited

Brett McIntosh, Director EHS & Sustainability, Alcoa, Australia

Mitch Loan, Business Development and Technical Manager, Alcoa, Australia

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