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The 7th International Protective Gloves Conference & Trade Fair 2019

Time:2019-07-09 -07-10location:Suzhou

Theannual conference of disposable gloves industry organized by Enmore BIZ hasreceived general support from glove manufacturers in China since 2013. TheChina Disposable Gloves Federation was founded in Beijing in 2016. As a memberof the Secretary-General, Enmore BIZ is responsible for the hosting of theannual meeting and related planning. With the joint efforts from members of theboard of directors, Enmore held a glove conference in Zibo, Shandong in 2018.Every year, the Enmore Organizing Committee and glove companies always adhereto this industry responsibility.

YantaiEnmore Commercial Development Co., Ltd. will hold the 7th International Protective GlovesConference & Trade Fair 2019 in Suzhou, China on July 9-10, 2019. Theconference involves PVC gloves, nitrile gloves and latex gloves, focusing onmedical gloves, industrial protective gloves and other topics, aiming topromote the orderly, sound and sustainable development of the industry. Wesincerely invite you to join us.

Concurrentevent: the 14th Asia-Pacific Medical Devices, Consumables & PolymerInnovation Application Summit 2018 and Medical Devices and Consumables TradeFair

Theannual China disposable gloves federation secretariat team tour, marketresearch

Chinais a major producer of disposable gloves, and 95% of PVC gloves are produced inChina. However, in the changeable year of 2018, China's glove industry isexperiencing a new fission! In the process of market evolution, such asinternational trade barriers, increasing pressure of environmental protection,rising costs, expansion of production capacity, rising labor costs andimbalance between supply and demand, the glove industry has faced severechallenges and opportunities. With the annual China disposable glovesfederation secretariat team tour, market research, found that the profit marginof China's glove industry is no longer what it used to be! How to maintain themarket price order consciously and make the market return to rationality; Howto scientifically manage inventory, optimize product quality and establish agood brand? How to stabilize export market orders, and actively develop thedomestic market? China's glove industry must adhere to innovation, reform anddevelopment in order to achieve long-term development. In the future, therewill be a number of Chinese comprehensive enterprises, who Have the capitalstrength, have the marketing ability, the production or the management varietycomplete can compete with the foreign capital brand! Therefore, theestablishment of glove industry system and industry standard is urgent!

The 7th International ProtectiveGloves Conference & Trade Fair 2019 will become the largest and bestplatform for domestic and foreign glove products and upstream and downstreamenterprises to trade with each other and will become the primary platformfocusing on information communication and exchange in the glove industry inChina. It will attract more international exhibitors and invite more overseasprofessional visitors. The conference will bring more business opportunitiesand benefits to domestic and foreign enterprises!

Listof companies to be invited:

ShandongIntco Medical Products Co., Ltd.

BlueSail Medical Co., Ltd.

ShijiazhuangHongray Group

ZhonghongPulin Medical Products Co., Ltd.

JiangsuJAYSUN Glove Co., Ltd.

WallyPlastic Co., Ltd.

JiangsuHuaYuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

GreatGlove (Xinghua) Co., Ltd.

JiangsuCureguard Glove Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Jiuyuan PlasticCo., Ltd.

Anhuipowerguard technology Co., Ltd;

Hebeihongfu plastic products co. LTD.

TitansMedical Group

Heze giant Xinyuan Food Co., Ltd.


JiangSu DingJie Medical Equipment Co.Ltd.

Jiangsu Fuji plastic products


Chifenghua-wei medical technology co. LTD.

InnerMongolia Palm Environmental Protection New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.


ShandongHongxin Chemical Co., Ltd.


TangshanHongyun Healthcare Products Co.,Ltd.

Zibohongye shangqin medical technology co. LTD

Atpresent, the consumption of disposable protective gloves is mainly concentratedin the United States, Europe, Japan and other developed countries and regions.However, with the increasing attention to safety protection issues, theAsia-Pacific region has become the fastest growing area of disposable gloveconsumption. The United States is the world’s largest consumer of disposableprotective gloves.

Disposableprotective gloves can be used in medical surgery, medical examinations, medicalcare, food processing, electronics, daily household care, etc. The demand inthese areas will directly determine the development of the industry. Atpresent, some developed European and American countries have enacted relevantlaws and regulations, requiring practitioners in related fields to protecttheir safety, health and product safety, hygiene and cleanliness by wearinggloves to isolate bacteria and pollution, and to a certain extent, to ensurethe needs of the industry. In the future, if domestic laws and regulations areintroduced, the use of disposable protective gloves in certain areas willgreatly increase the demand of the industry.

China isthe country with the largest labor market in the world. According to incompletestatistics, China’s working population exceeds 100 million. In today’sindustrialized world, safe production and protection technology in coal, ironand steel, metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, constructionand other industries has made great improvement and received consistentattention, so the industry on safe production of new technology, new equipmentand new standards put forward a significant strategic demand. Such a large workforce needs a considerable amount of various industrial protective products everyyear. According to relevant statistics, China’s annual market demand forindustrial protective products is about 30 billion yuan.

Newpolicy on environmental protection -- focusing on the development needs ofdomestic and foreign markets, interpreting relevant domestic environmentalprotection policies and regulations

Technologicalinnovation -- focusing on industrial technology, from raw materials andauxiliary materials to advanced automation technology and equipment R&D.

Win-wincooperation -- seeking the convergence of interest growth, policies andmarkets, maintaining market order, re-launching, and jointly promoting thesteady progress and common development of the industry.

Exchangeof supply and demand -- an opportunity for cooperation between gloveenterprises and application groups


July 9 AM | Sign-in & material pick-up

July 9 PM| CDGF closed-door meeting

July 9 PM | General forum: disposablegloves forum & medical devices/consumables/polymer forum

July 9 PM | Trade fair & gala dinner

July 10 AM | Gloves (medical gloves,industrial protective gloves) industry forum

July 10 AM | Panel discussion

July 10 PM | Trade fair & lunch buffet

July 10 PM | Gloves (medical gloves,industrial protective gloves) industry forum

July 10 PM | Trade fair & dinner buffet

Macropolicy and market development

1. China’s macro policy and global marketeconomy trend

2. Review of environmental performance in2018 and overview of environmental plan in 2019

3. Current status of medical device policyin China

4. Forecast of market demand of high valueconsumables for medical devices in China and abroad

5. US FDA’s latest regulations on glovesand implementation

Chinaglove industry market analysis:

1. Development of China’s disposable PVCgloves enterprises in 2019

2. Production, market standard and testingof industrial protective gloves

3. Statistical analysis of export data ofdomestic PVC gloves and nitrile gloves

4. 2016-2018 China disposable PVC glovesindustry data report (capacity and output analysis)

5. Discussion on the new sales channel modeunder the situation of labor protection + big data construction

6. Hospital requirements for disposablegloves and the current use of disposable gloves in the medical system

Overseasglove industry market analysis:

1. Malaysia disposable nitrile and latexgloves industry development trends

2. Major American glove purchaser’sprocurement of disposable gloves and future procurement plan

Rawmaterials and equipment market analysis and technical innovation:

1. Analysis of prices of EPVC resin in 2018and H1 2019 and the trend of price development in H2

2. Nitrile latex market application andprice trend analysis

3. The latest application of energy-savingmetal mold for gloves

4. R&D achievements of newenvironmentally friendly additives and auxiliaries

5. Latest developments in automatedproduction lines for gloves and unmanned workshops in China and abroad

6. Analysis of natural rubber futures andspot markets in 2019

Latextechnology and products market:

1. Development status and investmentenvironment of Asia-Pacific latex products industry

2. Market situation and development trendof latex sponge products

3. Discussion on the formula of newfunctional latex raw materials

4. Comparative analysis of the consumptionof natural latex in various latex products

5. Domestic and international latex marketsituation, enterprise development and production management and procurement andsupply of latex raw materials

Hospitalinfection prevention and control:

1. Current status and development trend ofhospital infection control and disinfection in China

2. Interpretation of the latest policies oninfection control and disinfection and related laws and regulations in China

3.Analysis of hand hygiene requirements with consideration of glove functions

Dinner title sponsorship (exclusive)

Exclusive title sponsor of the conferencedinner, including a toast and activities during the dinner and gifts

Keynote speech (general forum)

A 30-minute keynote speech at theconference (speech contents shall be reviewed by the conference committee)

Keynote speech (parallel forum)

A 30-minute keynote speech at theconference (speech contents shall be reviewed by the conference committee)

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